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Ritual Magic

With ritual based magic, or rituamagia, the spell is activated manually upon on a physical action being taken. Examples include a spell that fires a dart when a trigger button is pressed; or sprays different chemicals or moieties based on what command is chosen from a command panel (which buttons are pressed and in what order); or a spell that launches the contents of the cartridges placed onto the command panel upon mixing them together. This casting method may involve spells being significantly more complicated than the alchemy-based magic, especially if the command panel is a veritable keyboard of different options. Depending on what the spells are meant to do, the devices used by ritual magic may range from the lightweight and simplistic, such as a dart gun, to a large array of keyboards each responsible for its own thing, such as a calculator's. These spells are generally based on pressure- or touch-sensitive moieties underlying the buttons; those based on other kinds of physical actions are likely classified as alchemic magic.

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