Rjebidife mesnej
Area 357.6 km²

Ranked 11th
Mayor Isem Magensem
Elevation 4 m MSL (City Hall)
Coordinates 62°46min38sec N, 26°53min06sec E (City Hall)

Rjebidif is the provincial capital of Rjebok. It is the most important economic center in North Ardenjost.

Statistical areas

Area I: Ceskoz (Center)

  • Population 42,900
  • Area 43.0 km²

Notable things in I D. include Town Hall, Central railway station, Provincial Hall and Rjebidif harbour.

Area II: Hastarkes

  • Population 56,100
  • Area 45.9 km²

The main suburbs in this area are Hastarkes and Ilaytranat. The area contains also the Rjebidif University Hospital.


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