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Rockall Federation
Rockall (Danish/Rockallish)
Rocal (Rockall Gaelic)
Rockall flag
Rockall map
Capital (and largest city). Rockallhavn
Other cities Torshavn, Stonetown, Northborough
Official languages Danish, English, Rockallish, Rockall Gaelic
Regional recognized languages Icelandic, Irish, Norwegian, Scottish Gaelic, Swedish
Demonym Rockallish, Rockallian
Government Parliamentary republic
Establishment  ?
Rockallish krone

Rockall (Danish/Rockallish: Rockall - Rockall Gaelic: Rocal), officially the Rockall Federation, is an island nation in the North Atlantic Ocean.


Ethnic composition

Rockall is, due to its location and history, the home of many different ethnic groups, mainly of British and/or Nordic ancestry. The ethnic composition of Rockall is as follows:

  • Rockallish (58%)
  • Danish (10%)
  • Norwegian (8%)
  • Scottish (8%)
  • English (6%)
  • Other Scandinavian: Icelandic, Swedish (5%)
  • Other Celtic: Irish, Welsh (3%)
  • Other: Dutch, French, German (2%)
Rockall - ethnic groups


Rockall has 4 official languages: Danish, English, Rockallish and Rockall Gaelic. Danish, a North Germanic language, is the language of the descendants of the Viking settlers, who were the first to discover the islands in the 9th century. Rockallish is also a North Germanic language and is derived from Norwegian, making it closely related to Icelandic. English is spoken due to the great historical interaction with the British, who eventually named the islands. Rockall Gaelic, a Celtic language, is also spoken due to historical interaction and is closely related to Scottish Gaelic and Irish.

Other languages spoken include the other Icelandic, Irish, Norwegian, Scottish Gaelic and Swedish.

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