Roman Defense
The Roman Republican Armed Forces (Latin: Romanorum Reipublicae Erigere) is the nation defense force for The Roman Republic, its formation leads back to Cornelius's domination over Europe and his arrest of Natalia. Currently the Consul of Rome has full rights to the military, unless a major vote in the Senate is taken against the Consul.


High command is lead in Rome under the strict control of Cornelius, and each outer province has atleast two generals and a military unit ready for deployment. Leadership is strictly Cornelius and if war does break out, he is deployed into the province.

In war time, The Republican Army goes into a state under the Consul of complete control over the nation and that of the Senate. After a speech infront of Senate, all power is succeded to the consul for the extendent of the time of the hardship. If Rome begins to advance into enamy lands, power is put back into the Senate.


The Roman Republican Armed Forces are divided in to four division, all controlled under the hand of the Consul and that of the Provincal General Council. The Roman Navy, The Roman Army, The Roman Airfoce and The Roman Legion.


Korn Missile
The Roman Military has a vary of weapons, one being the Italian Corrupter, which is a large looking mounted missile look as if its a Korn


The weapon deploys a array of small vials which cover a radius of 100 - 100 feet, which if hits a droid, will deploy its razor sharp injector into the droid corrupting its system and turning the unit off. Roman soldiers are to be deployed at the dead droids to recycle them.



Fighter Jets

The Scorpio Aircraft is a 6th generation aircraft, which is the backbone of the Roman Air force. Scorpio is one of the last generation fighter planes that continue to use jet fuel. Scorpio is deployed with intensive plasma corruption systems, and that of communications and controls, the XCP-1, which is a deployed missile that incites a large dust radius that fills into jet engines of the aircraft, and causes massive malfunction.

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