Rothaur literally means the Son of the Sun. It is the title of supreme ruler of Rothmanthar. Solar Emperor or emperor are used too throughout the articles in place of Rothaur, because the Rauic language uses it essentially in that capacity and meaning.

The title is derived from a legend that says the Sun God, before he were set in his celestial course, had burned to death a rau, named Maur. Because his death was caused by the touch of a deity, and his death occurred before the gods had set aside an inbetween place of life and death, the gods granted Maur a new body, and the Sun God Roth swore to protect him. With a new body, he was granted a new name as well, and he was named Rothaur. Like the Sun, his soul shall go and return to the Earth eternally.

The gods also, and with the love of Roth, made Rothaur their envoy to the Arrum. With this special divine attention, he effectively became the lord of his people, and especially honored. All noble houses traced their ancestries back to this primogenitor of kings.

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