Royal Armed Forces of Antaria
Regia Antariana
Emblem Antarian army

A regia unida
Founded 1571
Headquarters Antaria
Marshal xxx
Minister of Defense xx
Military age 17 - 55
Fit for
military service
4,269,895 people, age 17 - 55 (2012)
Reaching military
age annually
58,951 males (2010 est.)
56,228 females (2010 est.) (2012)
Active personnel 11,720 (army), 5,210 (navy), 2,208 (air force)
19,138 (total)
Reserve personnel 10,720 (total)

The Royal Armed Forces of Antaria (Forzas armats reals Antarianas, Regia Antariana) serves as the armed forces of Antaria. The Military has existed as an army since 1570, but was prior to that the royal guard. The official name of the military is Forzas armats reals Antarianas, but it is commonly and usually known as the Regia Antariana (Antarian Royal Military). The term regia is a portmanteau of real and guardia.

Conscription into the Antarian army is mandatory for all males and females after turning 17. This consists of two years of training, but may be done as a reserve training if the person has work or studies. Alternately, those who have done two years or more of cadet training in their youth (13-17 years) may not need to complete a full training.

The Regia Antariana is a small standing force, with some 19,000 full-time professional men and women in it's three branches, the army, air force and navy. But, an additional 10,700 are in acive reserves, and there are nearly 2.45 million men and women fit and of age having completed training, which may be called up to fight in extreme cases.