Royal Borough of Bath
Bath Borough
Location of Bath Borough
Established from Somerset 1973
Named for City of Bath
County Seat Bath
 • Type Unitary Authority
 • Body City Council of Bath
 • Mayor Ralph Allen
 • Total 30 km2 (Bad rounding hereScript error sq mi)
 • Total 92,946
The Royal Borough of Bath is a metropolitan borough in central Wessex, with a population of 93,949 in 2013. The county is also sometimes known as the Capital Borough, as its houses the capital city of Wessex, Bath. The county has an area of roughly 30km2, making it the smallest county in Wessex. The borough was created in 1973, following the Bath Act of 1973, which established it as an independent administrative region from the county of Somerset.

Unlike other counties, or boroughs in Wessex, the Royal Borough of Bath has no unitary governing body, and is officially governed by the City Government of Bath. 


The Royal Borough of Bath is the smallest county in Wessex and one of two landlocked counties, with an area of little more than 30km2, encompassing the capital city of Wessex, Bath, sometimes known as Bath Spa. 

The city of Bath itself is located at the bottom of the Avon Valley, on the banks of the River Avon, on the southern edge of the Cotswolds, and is designated as an area of natural beauty. As a result the city of Bath is restricted buildingwise, with the maximum height of buildings less than 150 metres, with the newest building in Bath, known simply as 'The Egg' being over 130 metres. 


The Egg, Bath

The Egg, contains the offices of several government ministries.

The Royal Borough of Bath has no borough unitary governing body, and is instead governed by the City Government of Bath, which is led by Mayor Ralph Allen, and the City Council of Bath. The Borough contains one Wessen parliamentary constituency, Bath City, which is also a constituency of the Wessex Youth Parliament. Bath is represented in the Wesssen parliament by the MP, David Swirt. Bath itself has four electoral wards for city council, Bathwick, Landsdown, Oldfield Park, and Larkhall. 

The national government of Wessex is located in the city of Bath, aswell as the Monarchy of Wessex. With the Parliament of Wessex located in central Bath, in the House of Parliament on High Street. Many of the Government's ministries and departments are also located in Bath, many of which within 'The Egg.' 

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