The Royal Household Cavalry of Wessex and Cornwall is the Royal Security Force of the reigning monarch of the United Kingdom of Wessex and Cornwall. Tasked with protecting the Monarch and Royal Family from threats to their life. 

The Wessex and Cornish Household Cavalry is made up of two regiments of the Royal Ground Forces, the Footmen, and the Royal Horseguards. These regiments are based at Bridge House Barracks, in the Royal Gardens. 


Armoured Regiment

The Armoured Regiment of the Household Cavalry carry out the official duties of protection of the Royal Family, and often, Government Officials. The Armoured Regiment is stationed at Brdigehouse Barracks alongside the Ceremonial mounted unit. The Armoured Regiment are issued to with both lethal, and non-lethal weapons, including tranquilisers. The Armoured Regiment also operates several vehicles, such as Land Rover support vehicles, and the FV107 Scimitar

Ceremonial Regiment

The Ceremonial Regiment is also based at Bridgehouse Barracks, however carries out ceremonial duties, aswell as bodyguarding at official state investitures and securing Rosewarne House, and other Royal Residences, or governmetn buildings upon royal visit. The Ceremonial Regiment is also armed, unlike its name suggests, however does not carry out official protection operations or reconnaissance. The regiment also carries out traditions, such as the Annual Parade. 


Annual Parade

A major tradition of the Household Cavalry is the Annual Parade. The Annual Parade is held on Great Putleney Street, and features almost then entirity of the Household Cavalry in traditional dress marching from the top of street, by Rosewarne House, to bottom of the Street at King Edward's Fountain. 

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