Royal Kipato
ISO 4217 code RYK
User(s) Imperial Dynasty of Kalibara
1/100 Sehemu
Plural Kipato
Sehemu Sehemu
Freq. used 1₴, 2₴, 5₴, 10₴, 20₴, 50₴, ₭1, ₭2
Rarely used ½₴, ₭5, ₭10
Banknotes ₭1, ₭5, ₭10, ₭20, ₭50, ₭100
Rarely used ₭200, ₭500, ₭1000
Central bank Ministry of the Treasury
Mint Royal Mint of Kalibara

The Royal Kipato is the official legal tender of the Imperial Dynasty of Kalibara, its colonies, territories, and protectorates since 1567. It is subdivided in 100 sehemu. In Kalibara, the currency is officially known as the "royal kipato", while other nations simply refer to it as the "kipato". The Imperial Mint of Kalibara, located in Makazi, is the offical printer and minter of the currency, with all other known mints in Kalibara issued permission to print the kipato by the government through the royal mint in Makazi. The kipato is one of the most traded currencies in the world, and is a widely popular reserve currency.

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