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The Royal Memeskian Empire (Memeskian: Memeran; formally Yao Enkou no Memeran Koku, literally The State of the Royal Memeskian Empire) or Memeskland is a nation located in Siberia in Northern Eastern Asia. Memeskland borders Russia, China, North Korea, and Japan. Memeskland is a constitutional republic composed of 6 provinces which are divided into prefectures, forming 40 prefectures. Memeskland is a very populous country with more than 240 million people.

Memeskland is homogenous with 72% of Memeskians being Euroasian, most of Japanese, Russian, and Welsh descent respectively. Memeskians identify themeselves as "Memeji" or "Memeski" depending on the region. Memeskians mostly identify by prefecture, not province. 82% of Memeskians live in urban areas, 30% in the most populous cities.

Memeskland was formed by the independence of the Russian provinces: Primorsky and southern Khabarovsk 14 days before Russia declared war on USA. Memeskland was a shelter for many poor refugees, form China, Russia, North Korea, and many other nations during the World War III.


The Memeskian word for beautiful, Meme formed with the Memeskian word for power, Ski or Süki.




Contemporary nation






10 Most populous Metropolitan Areas of Memeskland
Rank Core city Province Population
1 Shinjen Shinjen 47,783,201
2 Kwesaan Eonjok 35,021,910
3 Aaerea Zuji 32,945,201
4 Xiakae Xiakae 27,197,866
5 Gamboa Gamboa 25,647,032
6 Mishoto Zuji 22,003,827
7 Galaxia Eonjok 21,302,122
8 Jinhada Xiakae 17,992,012
9 Zaihatsu Heyan 15,781,982
10 Hokzoa Gamboa 14,300,212
Based on the 2019 Censu