Her Majesty, Queen Ruby May of the Blossoms, First of Her Name, Queen of Maysong (more commonly Queen Ruby May or Queen Ruby May I; April 19th, 1806 - October 8th, 1877) was the first queen of the Queendom of Maysong, which she aided in the establishment of during the Maysinger Revolt from 1841 to 1845. Her coronation occurred on May 1st, 1846, before which time the government was organized and she ruled as de facto Regent. She marked the beginning of the Blossoms order of Maysong, a period to which she contributed great wealth and promise to the young Queendom. As the first monarch of the nation, she was the founder of the May Dynasty. She died on October 8th, 1877, and was succeeded by her firstborn daughter Lucille May. The day of her death, October 8th, is recognized as a national holiday known as the Carnival of Blossoms, a festival which honors the monarchs of the Blossoms order and their accomplishment of independent rule. It also became a precedent after her reign for monarchs to receive coronation on May 1st.

The Queen's title "Her Majesty, Ruby May of the Blossoms, First of Her Name, Queen of Maysong" is the full and extended version of her basic title "Her Majesty, Queen of Maysong". Her name, "Ruby May" is supplemented by the phrase "of the Blossoms", signifying her of the Blossom order. "First of Her Name" is an extended version of adding the Roman numeral "I" to the end of a monarch's name, and this signifies that she was the first queen to rule under the name "Ruby May".

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