Russian War of Collapse
Date 5 January 2025- 2 Jan 2028
Location Russian Federation, Belarus, Kazakhstan
Result Dissolution of Russia
Flag of Russia Russia 22x20px Separatists
Commanders and leaders
Vladimir Putin
Flag of Russia Russia: 95,970 22x20px Separatists: 394,140

The Russian War of Collapse (otherwise known as the Second Russian Civil War) was a multisided conflict fought between the Russian government against numerous warlords and breakaway factions.

Course of War

-The spark that escalated the conflict to open warfare was the detonation in 2025 of a suitcase nuclear device of 6 kilotons in Moscow by Chechen terrorists. This kills the President Boris Yeltsin, leading to widespread panic throughout the already unstable Russian Federation. The Visegrad Pact then launched an invasion of Russian territory, annexing Karelia to Finland, Kalingrad to Poland, and St. Petersburg to Estonia as central control of the Russian Federation collapsed. Warlords in the conquered territories allied with the invading armies for protection.

The federal government relinguished control of the region of Chechnya, seeing this as the only move to avoid any further unrest. Other regions throughout the Caucasus declared their independence following Chechnya's, leading to a weak and vulnerable southwestern border. This would only open the door for further dissolution and fragmentation....

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