Ryōra the White Tiger, named Ryōra Makkan Drachen, is a paladin of the hellish flames.

Ryōra Makkan Drachen
Title Ryōra the White Tiger
Gender Male
Date of Birth October 20, 2726
Age 18 years old
Affiliation Taiwanese Resistance
Occupation Leader of the Taiwanese Resistance (formely Paladin)
Relations Isaac Drachen (father), Furui Makkan (mother), Naiya (alter ego), Minos Rhadamanthus (ancestor), Vergil Natus (teacher), Quinlan Bellamy (former rival and comrade), Ignis Natus (former comrade)
Status Alive
Fighting Style Hellfire Sagecraft
Techniques Offensive:



First Appearance Unknown
Last Appearance Unknown
Theme Song
Machinae Supremacy - hero (instrumental)04:18

Machinae Supremacy - hero (instrumental)


Height: Average.

Weight: Average.

Haircut: Mid Long.

Hair Color: Brown.

Eye Color: Brown.


Ryōra wears a custom white shaolin monk uniform with a red belt, black cotton kung fu shoes and a golden paladin armor.


Ryōra Makkan Drachen was born in Tomakomai in October 20, 2726 to Furui Makkan and Isaac Drachen. At the age of 7 he started training at Ezo's Gautama Training Center and at the age of 10, got known as Hokkaidō's strongest (physically) knight. At 11 he was sent to Italy, where he earned the title of strongest of all knights, being appointed to become a paladin. Vergil Natus said that he wouldn't let Ryōra advance on the ranks as "he hadn't ascended yet", the white tiger said that his master had no right to hold him back and challenged his master to a deathmatch, Ryōra won, ultimately breaking Vergil's neck and becoming a paladin by order of Mephisto Villes. At the age of 15, he moved to china, where he started training his awakening and at 17, he dominated the skill partially. With 18 years old he was sent to Taichung as a law enforcer.


Quinlan Bellamy + Ignis Natus

Ryōra once fought Quinlan Bellamy and Ignis Natus during training, defeating both easily.

Vergil Natus

As last test, Ryōra killed his master, Vergil Natus, by breaking his neck on a one-on-one deathmatch, earning the title of paladin.

Tenshi Keramat (1st fight)

Gamayun Vasnetsov + Sirin Euphrates + Alkonost Andreev

Minos Rhadamanthus


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