The Ryoko-class is a series of mulitpurpose, mid-bulk transport starships designed and manufactured by Asahicorp on Raijin. Ryoko-class ships feature a raised rear section which houses the crew quarters and the bridge, aswell as a long multipurpose cargobay area along the front of the ship. They are equipped with a main Ion Drive at the rear of the ship, aswell as two atmospheric tilt engines to allow vertical take off and landing. In addition to the ion drive, the Ryoko-Class features three Solar Sails, which both help to propel the ship, and generate energy for onboard consumption.

It is said that the Ryoko-class is the most popular in the Known Universe, with over 1.5 million sales when they were first released between 2850 and 2860. The Starfire is a Series 3 Ryoko-class starship. 

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