God of The Sun
Solin Emblem

Sólin ( Invictus Sol as known to his worshipers as the 'Unconquered Sun' and towards his enemies Destructivus' Purgare as a the Destructive Purge ) is a solar deity, known for his intense solar rays that reach from the arms of the cosmos, he is the guiding reason for life on the planet.

Life Sequence

The Universal Mother, or known to many as just 'The Cosmos' and somtimes just 'Chaos' expanded extensive amounts of material into the universe, where it floated freely without any type of order or laws of physics. Solin created from the matter of the Cosmos was born and began gathering nearby gasses and material in secrecy against his mother, whom he saught to overtrow and become himself the universal power. Chaos discoverd Sólin gathering himself, she quickly detonated him which caused a blinding light across the galaxy.

Sólin sat quietly amongst the darkness which surrounded him, when he finally had taken upon himself to begin to regather the material onece more he was threated by the Cosmos that he'd be destroyed completely, in return he cooperated with the Universal goddess, here he signed a pact which he agree to assist to deliver energy to his sister, Maa whom was a terrestrial planet begging for life from the goddess. Chaos bumbled Maa with several shards of rock abundant with frozen water. Here Maa, sat waiting for life to begin under her guidance, she continued to plead to the Cosmos for aid, whom was unable to formulate a force powerful to create life. Sólin, asked for the ability to spread out his arms and to grow larger and in return he agreed he would assist in the quest for life. He appeared on the surface of the earth in the form of a blaze and struck a pool of water with a bolt of lighting from his solar rays, creating the Sun Well, the source of all life and magic on the planet.