SA-17 Claymore
SA-17 Claymore
An SA-17 Claymore
Type Rail assault rifle
Place of origin Flag of Interex Interex
Service history
In service 2004 - Present
Used by Interex Security Forces
Wars N/A
Production history
Designed 1996 - 2001
Manufacturer Scorpio Arms Corporation
Unit cost $78,000 (₢22,285)
Number built 30,000
Weight 34.8 pounds
Length 45.6 inches

Cartridge 15x45mm armor-piercing rail slug, coated in MK2 Electromagnetic Jacketing
Barrels 30 in
Action Full-Automatic, Semi-Automatic, Three-round burst
Rate of fire 600 rpm
Muzzle velocity Hypersonic
Effective range 970 meters
Maximum range 1,230 meters

The SA-17 Claymore is an assualt designed and produced by the Scorpio Arms Corporation on behalf of the Interex Security Forces. It is the signature assault rifle of the Interex Armored Infantry, who use it superbly in their "burn-in" assault tactics. The weapon was custom made exclusively for the IAI, and too unwieldly for an average person to use effectively or even carry without the powered armorused by the force. Like the armor used to carry it, th SA-17 is a rare device, and only a few have been created for the Armored Infantry. Catagory:Interex

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