Sjøforsvaret Marineinfanteriet
Marine Infantry
KU Monogram SJFM
Insignia of the SJF Marineinfanteriet
Active 1963-
Country Kalmar Union
Branch Sjøforsvaret
Type Marine Division
Size Three Brigades
Two Battalions
One special ops. company
Divisional units
18,000 men and women
Garrison/HQ Stavanger
Colors Red & Navy blue
Admiral Anders Lund

The Sjøforsvaret Marineinfanteriet - SJF Marineinfanteriet (Kalmar Union Marine Infantry) is a division sized corps within the Sjøforsvaret responsible for providing amphibious warfare from the sea utilizing naval platforms and resources. It is fully integrated into the Sjøforsvaret structure.

The SJF Marineinfanteriet is an elite corps, highly specialised in amphibious warfare, that is, to project an amphibious force onto a hostile, or potentially hostile, coast. Its ability to embark on a short term notice with (land, air and naval) Navy assets, makes it a unit with a high strategic value. Adding to this a high degree of training, and the capability to deploy swiftly in international waters, results in a potent disuasory force available at a short notice in distant regions.


Headquarters: (MINF-HK) Stavanger

  • 1st Marine Infantry Brigade
  • 2nd Marine Infantry Brigade
  • 3rd Marine Infantry Brigade
  • 1st Marine Infantry Arctic Battalion
  • 2nd Marine Infantry Arctic Battalion
  • Marine Infantry Special Operations Company
  • Divisional Units


TBU Marine Infantry Organization

Marine Infantry Structure