Formerly: Star Bonifacio Echevarria SA
Type SA
Headquarters Eibar, Euskadi
Key people Luzia Etxebarria Urquijo, CEO
Industry Firearms, weapons
Employees 2,931 (2010)
Parent Euskadi Government 15%, Iparraldeko Industri Banku 11%, EXPAL 11%, Kutxabank 7%, MONDRAGON 7%

STAR SA - STAR was founded in 1999 as a result of the concentration and subsequent nationalization of several Euskadi arms factories which at that time were in bankruptcy. The concentration was around Star Bonifacio Echeverria SA that will give the name "STAR" to the new company.

The companies acquired by the new STAR were:

Once the company begun to be profitable in 2005, the government stablished a privatization process with the idea of fixing a group of basque core shareholders and leave the rest as free float. The state still maintain a "golden share".


Since its reorganization the company structure is divided into four main divisions:

  • STAR Defence & Law Enforcement Solutions
  • STAR Sports

STAR Defence & Law Enforcement Solutions

It is the division of the company specialized in hand weapons to equip military units worldwide. The division makes everything from pistols to assault rifles and all types of fittings and accessories.


Sub Machine Guns

Assault Rifles

Sniper Rifles


Crowd-control & Riot-control weapons

STAR Sports



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