Republic of Sagosa
500px-Ulster banner.svg
Motto: Strength and Immunity
Anthem: Heil Leader
Capital Jocyla
Largest city Kallnair
Official languages English, Jovian
Recognised regional languages Moki, Kilojo, Syllala, Spanglish
Ethnic groups (50%) British, (39%) American, (11%) Mexican
Demonym Sago
Membership UGNA (United Galactical Nations Alliance)
Government Military Dictatorship
• Leader
George Harden
Establishment June 15, 2251
• 2080 census
GDP (PPP) 2271 estimate
• Total
$5.555 trillion (1st)
HDI (2271) 0.910
very high · 20th
Currency Saga (SS)
Time zone Sago Time Line
Date format mm/dd/yyyy
Drives on the left
Calling code +451
They are the first nation in the galaxy without an army.
Sagosa is a country consisting of a large group of islands, not only on Jupiter, but in the galaxy. It is commonly known as Sagosa, and ran by a democratic monarchy government. It is the first settlement on Jupiter. The Jovian state of Sagosa is also the first nation in the galaxy to not have an army, but this issue however, was protested by Sago Communists, and Christian Democrats. The Sagosa Islands contain 7 medium sized islands about the size of Australia in area. The big island, Arposko, holds Kallnair, the largest economic and business centre in the galaxy yet.

Though, it does not have an army, the people take part in wars as they step foot forward. Many Terran countries think Sagosa is an anarchy, and recognize them as an anarchial government, but the Jovian Democratic Force, says it meets democratic standards.

Recently, the 2071 census has calculated that the population has hit 1,400,000,000, when a decade ago, it was 160,000,000 people, so it has had a large increase.


The Sagosan Islands, were founded by Samuel Sagosa, in 2055. The terraforming of Jupiter was a hard step, because when sending robots to block storm clouds on Jupiter, they often ended up being destroyed. Finally, Sagosa sent his heavy metal storm resistant terraforming robot. The terraforming robot was sent to Jupiter, and it detonated storm clouds on Jupiter. After detonating storm clouds (which took about 10 to 15 years), nitrogen was released. The terraforming began when the robot started generating water for the planet. After the water was generated, it took another 10 to 15 years to terraform it. The land was not smooth, so he took another 10 to 15 years smoothing it out, then finally it was ready to be building. Construction drones created by Korean inventor, architect and scientist, Ju Sung.

Ju Sung's constructo-drones constructed about 200 buildings a day, and built a 150 countries in a year. Sagosa was one of the 150 countries that were built. Kallnair constructed to be unique from other cities, was constructed due to Sung's architectural skills, and built Kallnair to be the entertainment capital of the galaxy. Sung wanted to make the city better than Terra's (Earth), Tokyo, Japan, or his hometown of Pyongyang, Korean Republic. "The city of Pyongyang," said Sung, "was more modern, post World War III." Of course, there were many democratic reforms of Terra, including China, becoming the Chinese Republic or the CR.

Samuel Sagosa formed the democratic monarchy, and became the king. Sagosa was from Spain, where there was a former monarchy, but after Spain, became a unitary republic, things changed. Spain and Portugal merged, becoming the Republic of Iberia, and eventually became apart of the European Union (country). The Sagosan parliament was formed.

The monarchy was overthrown by a coup d'etat by the Sagosan Resistance Force. The country became a military dictatorship.