Shaun Benson wins the 2071 presidential election under the Liberation Party. It was a close win between Benson and communist, Amos Humphrey, who ran 12 years ago in the 2059 race when the president election was held every 4 years like United States, but changed during Pam Daly's feminist run, when her feminist style was protested by men, which was the exact opposite of Arab countries, where men usually rule.

Political Parties

Sagosa has 10 registered national parties, but fewer than 3 are considered significant. These were the parties in the election.

  • Liberation Party
  • Communist Party
  • Jovian Nationalist Party

Majority Party

  • Shaun Benson - Liberation Party

Minority Party

  • Amos Humphrey - Communist Party

Third Party

  • Je'eb Ooplos - Jovian Nationalist Party

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