Ville du Ségignan
Island Gran
Region Vallblanca
County ComarcaSerragranflag Serragran
Area 771.64 km2
Population 835,215

Saguinyà is an municipality and city of Pablanca situated in Vallblanca and Serragran. Is situade in White River valley. At the same time is the capital of Vallblanca and Serrgran. Is the third most populated city in Pablanca.


This municipality are 771,64 km2 and 835215 inhabitants.


In 1498 a group of shipwrecked sailors arrived on the island near the Pinà Cape after a hard storm. Catalam and a few Castillian sailors. The catalan-aragon royal crown was propose travels to explore america since 1494 with. It was in october 1497 , so the island was dicovered in genuary 1498 by accident.

During an expedition discovered gold in the center of the island. In 1515 they founded the third city near where gold was discovered. In the White River valley and plain

This city was founded in 1515.

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