Not to be confused with SaharaSat Eastern Saharas satellite program.

SaharaCell is the leading Cellular Communications provider in Eastern Sahara, it is owned by the Vodafone Group. Set up in 2011, by former Vodafone Egypt to serve as its successor, it became the largest Mobile provider in the country, ahead of Mobinil and Etisalat.


Network and Coverage

SaharaCell provides 3G and 3.75G services in Eastern Sahara, and it has a large market share, it is one of two in gthe country to provide 3.75G services, the other being Etisalat. Currently SaharaCell has over 20 Million Subcribers. (2012)

With 3.75G Technology subscribers can;

  • VideoCall
  • Watch Live TV
  • Access to High Speed Interent, and fast download

Internet Service

SaharaCell also offers Wireless services for home use, and is also the main provider, with over 19 Million Subscibers to Broadband.

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