SaharaSat is the name of a series of satellites put into orbit by the Eastern Sahara Armed Forces. The sateillites were jointly built by Eastern Sahara and Ukraine, the the first, SaharaSat 1 was launched on April 17 2007 on a Dnepr Rocket in Ukraine from the Baikonur Cosmodrome.

SaharaSat 1

Launched by Egypt in 2007, Egyptsat 1 (SaharaSat 1) is considered a miniaturized satellite weighing 100 kg and is carrying two devices:

  • An infrared sensing device
  • A high resolution multispectral imager together with store and forward communications payload.

SaharaSat 2

SaharaSat 2 is planned to be launched in August 2013, and will weigh just over 250 kg, carrying an infrared device.

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