Saktrie Pyrige
His Royal Majesty Jarl Sakrie Pyrige
Jarl Sakrie
Jarl of The Kingdom of Normandy
Reign 1997 - Present
Born June 21st, 1997
London, England
Spouse None
Full name
Sakrie Rollo Pyrige
House Pyrige
Religion Roman Catholic

His Royal Majesty Jarl Sakrie Pyrige of Normandy and its Provinces is the current Jarl of Normandy and the symbolic head of government representing the Kingdom of Normandy. He was instated by the Norman Nationalist Party in 1997 after his birth.


Born in London, England, his parents were admitted to the National Norman Gentic Reseach Center which was created in its search for the closest relationship to Rollo of Normandy, or Robert of Normandy, the first Duke to Normandy and settler of Normandy by the Vikings, the findings of the family was that its genetic complementary was close to that of Rollo, and thus the child to be bore by Jacobs Pyrige and Alice Pyrige would be an ultimate match for the Throne of Normandy.

After being born in London, the government of Normandy ordered several requirements for the family to follow, and that the child must follow as such, the Jarl must return to Normandy as well with the Pyrige family to Mont Saint-Michel as the official residency of Normandy, the child must also learn Norman, Norwegian, Old Norse, and also English. The child must also be baptized Catholic, the religion of most Normans. At the age of 12, he must be throned, and thus become the official Jarl of Normandy,

Life In Normandy

Him and his family settled in Mont Saint-Michel, while surrounded by the sense of royalty, his family being from poor up-bringing thought the child of responsibility and handwork, and that all people are equal. Jacobs and Alice, both brought the child to a religious standing inside the Catholic Church, while the two were not seen as conservative for the Church to be considered 'Good Catholics' they did teach so the basics.

While not officially seen as the Jarl, and the Norman public barely even knew of the child, the parents insisted that the child attend public school in order to feel the effect of public life, as well with growing up as any normal child. He attended a school in Le Havre.

Jarl of Normandy

Sakrie was decreed Jarl of Normandy in 2007, and was throned by the Bishop of Le Havre. The coronation processes was the largest event inside of France, being a surprise to the Norman public, as well with the French public, oddly French and Norman relations improved. He was kept in school, in which he reported after several days that he wanted to leave the school after being treated differently, he was moved to a private school in Rouen. He was introduced to the Parliament of Normandy in 2010, in which he addresed the House of Lords, with minor mistakes in his speech the courts deemed his appearance, "Good for a beginner, and especially good for a child."

In December of 2011, after several meetings with Konge Mathius II of Skandinavia and other royal family members, the meetings were over the unification of Normandy into the Kingdom of Scandinavia.