San Jose la Rinconada, or La Rinconada for short, is the capital and largest city of The Republic of Tropico (Republica de Tropico). The mayor of the city of Emiliano Vasquez.


There are three Districts in La Rinconada; El Centro (Central Business District), Old Town and Santa Maria.
Tropico Government

Presidents Palace in La Rinconada

El Centro:

El Centro is the Central Business District is the main financial district in Tropico and is the base for coporations like Banco Nacional de Tropico. It also has the Tropico Police HQ, ScotiaBank Office, Spanish Consulate and The Universidad Nacional de Tropico (Tropico Uinversity). It also houses Tropicos largest shopping centre 'Tropico Galleria.'
Downtown Market

Downtown Market in El Centro

Old Town:

Old Town is the historical part of the city, where the countries Junta is based and the 'Palacio El Presidente' the President's Palace where the country is run from. It also has the Catedral de Rinconada and the 'Old Banco Nacional.'

Santa Maria:

The Santa Maria District is mainly Residential with many shops and cafes. It contains few notable buildings apart from the Tropican Television Centre which broadcasts the TBN Network , the national television network, and the National Radio, Radio de Tropico.


La Rinconada has a Metro Bus Service, which stretches to Tropicos only International Airport, Raul Alvarez Aiport (named after the current President) which provides airlinks to Spain, The USA, Other Caribbean Islands and South America.

Sister Cities

San Jose La Rinconada is twinned with Bogota, Colombia and Seville, Spain.

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