Sang Isuel
Sang Isuel
Official Portrait of Sang Isuel
2nd President of the Greater Korean Republic
Personal details
Born2 March 1972
Seoul, South Korea
Spouse(s)Ericka Isuel
ReligionRoman Catholic
Sang Isuel (born March 2, 1972) is the 1st and current President of the Greater Korean Republic, elected during the formation of the Greater Korean Republic in 2008. Isuel was born in Seoul, South Korea on March 2, 1982 to an wealthy family, and was raised as a Roman Catholic in religion. Isuel attended public school for his entire primary and high school year, and enlisted into the South Korean military in 1992, and was honorably discharged in 2003, where he returned to the US Embassy, where he met Ericka Shane. The two married in 2006, and had one kid in 2007.

During the Second Korean War, Isuel enlisted ounce again and served throughout the war. With his military and political experience, Isuel was elected unamisouly by the new Government of Korea. In 2009, he ordered the Annexation of Japan and signed the Treaty of Unification in 2010.


Belief Answer Reason Why
Gay Marriage No "In natural law, an man is suppose to have an relationship with an girl,"
Abortion No "Why did you go down the alley in the first place?"
Death Penalty Yes "Karma. Kill someone, and you will be killed!"
Torture Methods Yes "Sometimes, that how you have to get information out of people!"
Nuclear Weapons Yes

"It keeps China and Russia in there place!"

Equal Rights Yes "Whites. Blacks. Hispanics. They are all human, and bleed just like us Asians.
Innocent Until Proven Guilty No. "If your caught in the crime. Your obviously guilty. Duh!"
Legal Suicide No "Suicide is like taking somebody else's life, its illegal."
Criminal Rights Yes "Criminals are people to."
Foreign Interfernece No "Thank you, but no thank you Mr.Bush."
Self-Defense Rights Yes "If somebody came bursting through your window with an machete in one hand, and an minigun in the other. Shoot him."
Freedom of Speech Yes "Say whatever you want. As long as it don't involve our Chinese "friends" on the otherside of the border.
Freedom of Religion Yes "Belive in whatever the hell you want. Just don't violate somebody else's religious property. Then you'll be dealing with the boys in blue."
Freedom of Choice Partial "If you choose to do something magnificent for the world then by all means go. If you want put a bullet in someone's head or blow up an skyscraperm. Well that's a different story."
Self-Defense Right Yes "Mess with me Osama and see what happen's!"
Weapon Rights Yes. "Every man, women, and child has the right to defend him or herself."
Right to Protest Yes "If you don't like something, just say so."
Right to Privacy Yes "If its in your home, then it's your buisness."