Santa municipality
Region North
Municipality Santa
Area 92.07 km2
Population 5321

Santa is an municipality, and city, of Santa Rosa Republic situated in north-east in the border of Great Guayana Republic. Is the third most populated city in this country. It is the capital of the North Region of the country.

Ciudad de Santa

Santa's cathedral in Santa city.

It's located in the east region. Its population at the 2013 census is 5,321.



The city of Santa was founded under the name of Nova Esperança by the year 1725. Later the city was renamed as Santa in 1852 in honor of Santa Rosa. Failure, ber Rosa is the founder of the country he fought for women, freedom and the creation of new free state.


You must visit this sites, buildings and monuments:

  • Santa cathedral
  • Jewish woman cemetery
  • The virgin cave
  • Portuguese litle wood fortress
  • Café-Teatro Antiguo
  • Great Guayana - Santa Rosa border bridge

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