The Santa Cruz colony is a colony of the Earthen Confederation located throughout three near systems in the Milky Way. The colony is based in the capital city of Los Estradas, which is also its largest city. Santa Cruz was founded to reflect a "Golden Los Angeles", in which nightlife, culture, and entertainment are the most important and prominent aspects of the region. The colony has a population of some 178 million spread across four colonized planets and one space metropolis.


The Santa Cruz colony is a federal presidential-representative republic with a President as head of state and government and a unicameral Senate as the legislature. The Senate is made up of Senators who have been proportionally voted in based on the populations of inhabited areas. The Senate creates laws based on the petitions of the citizens, and the President approves and enforces laws. The Santa Cruz Colonial Police serve as the local law enforcement agency, while the colony also maintains a military base on the moon Maria which orbits the capital planet Corpus Christi. As a member of the Earthen Confederation, the Santa Cruz colony is only governed by itself under the Seven Rights of Man.

Locally, the colony is very liberal, though its citizens do not usually pertain themselves to political issues.


The colony's overall economy is centered around local pursuits, and most citizens live a "Bohemian lifestyle." Due to natural quantities of marble, clay, and sand on Lugar Rica, the colony is able to supply its own building materials. With agricultural prevalent on most of the planets, food is also not an issue for the colony. The largest industries on the colony include fashion, cuisine, entertainment, and tourism. While not a major center for culture in the galaxy, most people in the colony enjoy a very local lifestyle that mimics that of early 21st century Los Angeles. A colony-wide Bohemian outlook on life limits the growth of the colony's economy, and most products created within the colony are never shipped throughout the galaxy.

Colony map

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