Federated Provinces of Santoria
A Federação da Santoria
Motto: Peace, Justice and Liberty
Anthem: Advance Glorious Santoria !
Capital Alfamapolis
Largest city Juno City
Official languages English
Recognised regional languages Portuguese
Demonym Santorian
Government Presidential federal republic
• President of the Federation
Duarte Walker
• Vice President of the Federation
Kelly Ferreira
Legislature Congress of Santoria
National Assembly
Establishment 21st February 1872
• 2014 estimate
• 2011 census
Currency Silvar (S$)

The Federated Provinces of Santoria, commonly known as Santoria, is a federal republic consisting of two main islands located in the Pacific Ocean. Discovered by the Sicilian explorer Giovanni Santorum in 1725, Santoria was first colonised by Portuguese merchants who wanted to extend their trade empire in order to have a large settlement and exchange platform in the Pacific. Later sold to the British in 1805, the federation gained independence by 1872.

Santoria is a federal republic, composed of 10 autonomous provinces. The nation's economy relies mainly on tourism, agriculture and trade with its pacific allies. Santoria is a strong diplomatic ally of Japan, the USA, Australia, Indonesia and the European Union.

Origin of the Name

Originally named New Sicily by Italian explorer Giovanni Santorum in 1725. The Portuguese merchants renamed the islands "Santoria" in honor of the defunct Santorum who perished during a rebellion in 1732.

During the British Rule, the official name was Dominion of Santoria (1805 - 1872).

After the independence war, the leader of the rebellion Ernesto K. Delgado was elected first president of the federated provinces of Santoria, also known as Santorian Federation, in 1872. The country has retained this name ever since.