The Hon. Dr. Sarah Wales Atwater (b. May 23, 1944) was a Georgeland politician, who represented Capitalia in the Georgeland Senate from 1987 until 2002, when she was forced to resign over the Corbana Affair. Atwater had been an active supporter of Campbell Rhodes' leadership and had been a member of his "kitchen cabinet". Atwater entered the Senate in 1987 after a teaching career, and in 1994 became Minister for Transport. During the Labour/Democratic coalition's brief stint in opposition in 1995, Atwater was Shadow Minister for Industrial Relations and the party's deputy leader in the Senate. In 1995 she became Minister for Education and remained the deputy leader. In 1999, before the Labour party's split, Atwater replaced John Saunderson as Leader of the Government in the Senate and became Foreign Minister. She sided with Rhodes in the split and formation of the Liberal Party, and after the split was made Defence Minister. She remained in this role until late in 2002, when it was revealed that the government had planned to sell the island of Corbana to Saydney in a secret deal, which Tasroco denied. Atwater admitted leaking this information to the media and resigned from office and the Senate. Since her resignation, Atwater has advised on several Liberal and Liberal Democratic election campaigns and has been a lecturer in politics at the University of Capitalia.

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