The Saturn Program was a space program of the Europa Space Agency in the 1950s and 1960s. It was the first human spaceflight program of Europa.


The program’s goals was meant for astronauts to orbit a manned spacecraft around Earth. In 1960 an unmanned Saturn spacecraft, codenamed Zagreb, was launched from a Titian rocket. This one made orbit around the earth and separated after 30 hours to reenter earth. 3 more unmanned vehicles were sent up by 1962. In 1963 Vincenzo Martini and Miroslav Radek became the first Europans into space, aboard a Saturn craft, and later in a Supermarelli craft in 1966. In 1965 the last Saturn mission took place, after 4 manned flights. The Saturn program would be followed up by the Ceres Space Program and the Luna Space Program.

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