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County of Scandee
Country Asmodia
Named for City of Scandee
Capital Scandee
 - Count William Crosby
 - Total 35,482 km2 (13,699.7 sq mi)
 - Land 32,288 km2 (12,466.5 sq mi)
 - Water 3,194 km2 (1,233.2 sq mi)  9%
Population (2011)
 - Total 1,103,081
 - Density 34/km2 (88.1/sq mi)
 - Demonym Scandean

Scandee is second largest Asmodia's region and county by area and third largest county of Asmodia by population.


County of Scandee is the southeasternmost county of Asmodia. It consists of 458 islands and islets. With height of 891 metres Everlook is the highest mountain of Scandee.


Scandee is located in the temperate climate zone, with relatively warm winters and cool summers. Precipitation usually fluctuate between 900 - 1100mm.

  • Meteorological extremes observed in Scandee
    • Record low -19.6°C
    • Record high +30.1°C
    • Thickest snow 189cm
    • Fastest wind 61m/s

People and culture

Most of Asmodia's Saasee population lives in Scandee.
Scandee is the least popolous of three Asmodian counties. It is observed that inhabitants of Scandee are very hospitable and are welcoming against any guest. They are lavish, helpful and hard-working.

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