A shard of the Uluru meteorite
Category Silicate mineral
Chemical formula Iron(III) oxide, Silicon dioxide, Actinium, Dimethyltryptamine, Gadolinium
Color Red, may be brownish
Luster Vitreous
Streak White-Reddish
Ultraviolet fluorescence Blue
Other characteristics Radioactive

Scarlet Crystal, referred to by Cult of the Scarlet Marker members as Scarlet Shards, is a mineral substance discovered in February 2012, following scientific research into the Uluru Incident in Australia. The substances later retrieved and tested chemically were noted to be made up of a variety of Earth elements including Iron, Carbon, Hydrogen, Actinium, Oxygen, Silicon, Gadolinium and Nitrogen. The "shards", named for their crystalline glassy form, are of a reddish color. Under ultraviolet light, it produces a blue florescent glow. The scarlet crystal is also notably radioactive, with a level of radioactivity equivalent of radiation effects given off by typical cell phones, laser pointers and microwave appliances. The shards are also notable for their ability to enhance and transmit electro-magnetism, which current research estimates could be what induces those exposed to it, unprotected, with the effects of hallucination and delusion.

Uluru Discovery

Scarlet Church

Effects on Living Beings

Testing by joint Allied States, Union of Everett and Australian authorities who responded to the Uluru site have found that the shards and the object itself, that crashed to Earth in February, are powerful boosters for the transmission of electro-magnetic fields. Electro-magnetic fields are notable in many neurology and psychology cases as being able to induce hallucination and delusion in people exposed to high levels of EMF for frequent periods of time. The Union of Everett Department of the Paranormal, notes this as one of the primary methods of debunking a claim of a haunting in homes. EMF exposure can induce people to believe they are hearing voices or seeing things and has a multitude of effects on the brain. Animals exposed to the shards become upset and dogs for example, bark and growl at the shards. This is suspected to be the effect that many animals, notably dogs, which can hear sound frequencies that humans cannot hear and can sense electro-magnetism, referred by the DoP as the earthquake effect, in which animals are capable of responding to a soon impending natural disaster event, becoming upset or even fleeing an area before it strikes moments later. The shards are known to contain Dimethyltryptamine molecular structures, can as a result of frequent exposure to the shards, especially in the Scarlet Church practice of kissing the shards, can induce the effects of DMT, including psychedelic trips with hallucination, paranoia and delusions and DMT is known to have the potential to cause later on cases of mental illness and psychosis.