This Scenario explores life in 2189 and is based partly on what I think the time period will be like and partly pure random speculation. If I get around to it it will also explore the events that led to the scenario.

As the end of the 22nd Century drew nearer to a close Earth had changed largely in many ways and barely in others. 174 years of innovation, social change and progress, but in ways the social stigmas of the 2010s and 2020s had been replaced with new more bizzare practices such as Human and Pet Augmentation as well as self-cloning.


North America

  • Alasko-Yukon Republic
  • Free State of Nunavut
  • Democratic NorthWest Republic of Cascadia
  • L'Qubec Republique
  • The United Commonwealth Of North America
  • The Chicanan Aztlan Republic
  • Second Texas Republic
  • Republic of Sierra
  • Reformed Communist Republic of Cuba
  • Republic of Jamacia
  • Touralistic Republic of the United Carribean Republic
  • Chiapas Deomcratic Free State
  • Yucatan Republic
  • Republic of Panamanian Commonwealth
  • Republic of Denmark 

South America

  • Republic of Venezuela
  • Columbian Republic
  • Republic of Ecuador
  • Republic of Peru
  • Republic of Chile
  • Argentine Republic
  • Liberal Neo-Democratic Republic of Uruguay
  • Enclaved Nation of San Paulo 
  • Bolivian Republic
  • Republic of Santa Cruz
  • Federative Republic of Brazilian Vera Cruz 
  • Northwest Brazil Commonwealth


  • Celtic Alliance
  • Nordic Union
  • Franco-Iberian Commonwealth
  • Republic of Catalonia
  • Germanic Union
  • Swiss Confederation
  • Kingdom of the Netherlands
  • Kingdom of England
  • Italian Republic
  • San Marino
  • Kingdom of Sicily
  • Baltic Confederation
  • Unitary Republic of Kosovo
  • Balkan Union
  • Dagestan
  • South Ossetia
  • Abkhazia
  • Geoirgia
  • Armenia
  • United Caucaus Republics
  • Eastern Bloc


  • Turkish Confederation
  • Socialist Republic of Kurdistan
  • Azerbaijan Republic
  • Republic of Lebanon
  • United Nation of Neo-Palestine
  • Zionist City-State of Jerusalem
  • Islamic Sultanate of Mecca
  • United Scular Kuwait Republic
  • Kingdom of Qatar
  • United Arabian Emirates
  • United Saudi Emirates
  • Oman Republic
  • Iranian Confederation
  • The Republic of South Persia
  • Balcochistan Federal Republic
  • Indian Federation
  • Republic of Sri Lanka
  • Republic of Nepal
  • Kingdom of Bhutan
  • Kingdom of Tibet
  • Khmer Union
  • Pan-East Asian Confederation
  • Mongolian Union
  • Eurasian Confederative Republics


  • Oceanic Confederation


  • Eygptian Commonwealth
  • Tunisian Repulic
  • Republic of Morocco
  • North African Commonwealth
  • United States of West Africa
  • Sahrawi Republic
  • Darfur Republic
  • Eithiopian Union
  • East African Union
  • Republic of Somaliland
  • Somalian Republic
  • Central African Union
  • Federative Katanga Republic 
  • Federal South Zaire Republic
  • Guinea Republic
  • Republic of the Congo
  • Gabon Reublic
  • Confederate Union of Barotseland
  • North Zambian Federal Republic
  • Republic of Madagascar


  • West Antartic Republic

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