Motto : Fur den Hertzog unt fur patria
Capital : Bomlitz
Official language : Schmutzellbergish
Demonym : Schmutzellberger(s)
Government : Constitutional Monarchy
Archduke : Rodolf II
Prime Minister : Peter Zellner (Radical)
Population : 150 000 (2011)
Currency : Euro

Schmutzellberg, officially the Archduchy of Schmutzellberg, is a small landlocked country in Western Europe, located between France and Switzerland. Its area is just over 610 square kilometres.


Schmutzellberg is a very mountainous country, landlocked between France and Switzerland. With only 610 square kilometres, it's one of the smallest countries in the world.


Schmutzellberg is a constitutional monarchy. The Archduke is the head of state, although he has no significant power. He is mostly a symbol and represents the country abroad.

Schmutzellberg is a democracy with an elected parliament (Natzional Rat) and an elected government headed by the Prime Minister.

The Prime Minister is elected for a 3 year term renewable once. The parliament is elected every 3 years.

Schmutzellberg politics have been dominated by two major parties : the  People's Patry (Volkspartaj) and the Radicals ( die Radikalen).

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