The School Reformation Act was an bill signed by Calderon, and used to reform and update the school systems and education. The bill was passed in January 9, 2012 in Mexico City, and is an major act passed by Calderon.



​The School Reformation Act will reform and update the education of the people of Mexico, both foriegn and domestic. The reform will make major changes in the education, and will force many students to be located to different schools. The education system is based of the old United States system.

Major Effects

  • K-12 is the new grade level across the country.
  • The letters: "A", "B", "C", "D", and "F" are the new grading system, replacing the old number system.
  • All students have to go to school from the age of 5 to 18, and can't drop out.
  • Summer will be three weeks long, and other breaks will be an week each (excluding Christmas Break, which will be 2 weeks).
  • All teachers will need an Bachelor's Degree from any university in the world.
  • All employees in schools across the country must have an background check.
  • Drugs, Tobacco, Firearms, Fireworks, Explosives, Alcohol, gang symbols, and sexual items are prohibited from the grounds of any public or private school.

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