Schumann is a division of the Georgeland House of Commons located close to Romphumburg, West Mainland. It is named for Joseph Schumann, a jurist and legal reformer of the 1880s. It was first created in 1970.
The current MP for Schumann is Independent Edwina Haggard, who was elected in 2005, defeating incumbent Candice Abner.

Members of Parliament

  1. Roland Hughes 1970-1979 (Labour)
  2. Kyle Mosley 1979-1983 (Conservative)
  3. Roland Hughes 1983-1987 (Labour)
  4. Duncan Fife 1987-1991 (Conservative)
  5. Lawrence Barnes 1991-1997 (Democrat)
  6. Colin Sharpe 1997-2001 (Conservative)
  7. Candice Abner 2001-2005 (Liberal/Liberal Democrat)
  8. Edwina Haggard 2005- (Independent)

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