The Scoitan gubernatorial election of 2007 will be held on Friday, September 7, 2007. Incumbent Governor Patrick Gunning will not be contesting the election, and Scoita will elect its first new governor since 1991.

Declared Candidates

All the major political parties have nominated candidates. However, due to convention, all candidates are officially running as independents and will have their party membership made inactive once elected.

Potential Candidates

Candidates that expressed interest or aroused speculation in running for the Governor's office included:

Lewis, a former Deputy Chief Minister, has apparently expressed a desire to return to politics in a 'less active role'. Lewis has always been a popular figure in Scoita, especially among Conservatives.

The former Prime Minister and Alliance leader is popular in Scoita and could choose to leave federal politics in order to capture the Governorship and provide a boost to his party. In January 2007, Elderton ruled this option out, declaring he would contest the 2007 parliamentary election as a candidate for his seat of Smithfield

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