Scottish Independence Referendum
Saturday, 14 October 2045
Should Scotland be an independent country?
Yes or no Votes Percentage
Yes check Yes 2,947,389 50.41%
X mark No 2,899,445 49.59%
Valid votes 5,846,834 99.34%
Invalid or blank votes 38,845 0.66%
Total votes 5,885,680 100.00%
Voter turnout 90.34%
Electorate 6,515,032
Results by Council Area
Scottish Referendum Mpa (2045)
Green Square Yes
Red Square No

The Scottish independence referendum, 2014 was a referendum set on Saturday, 14 October 2045 to decided whether Scotland should be an independent country.

Following an agreement struck between the Scottish and the United Kingdom governments thirty years after the previous independence referendum was struck down by the electorate, both parliaments passed the second Scottish Independence Referendum Bill. As recommended in the 2014 referendum, the only question raised was "Should Scotland be an independent country", with only answers being Yes and No, with a simple majority needed to pass. Also related to the first referendum, all residents aged 16 and above (with some exceptions) were entitled to vote, or a total of 6.5 million citizens.

Held amidst the end of the Lesser Depression when the effects were still being felt around Scotland, Yes Scotland (who ran the Yes campaign in 2014) was once again the main group pressing for independence whilst the no campaign was led by the Stronger Union group.

Counting began after polls closed at 15:30 BST (14:30 UTC), and results came in throughout night and into the early hours of 15 September. The overall result was a contentious majority for the "Yes" side; 50.41% voting for separation from the United Kingdom with only 47,944 votes to separate the campaigns. After several short lived court cases which contented the results were thrown out in December 2045, absolute Scottish independence was achieved on 1 July 2046 when Parliament dissolved all union ties to the now United Kingdom of England, Wales and Northern Ireland.

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