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Second Detariyan War

The second war of independence against the guilds broke out in 327 BEA, this time seeing almost all the Detariyan kingdoms united against the guilds. The guilds convinced themselves that losing Detariya would be a crippling loss both to their power and their prestige, and once again called upon the states of the Alliance to send their forces north. But this time the guild mages had run out of novel spells to fight the manasappers and, quickly rendered devoid of mana, could provide no magical support whatsoever; meanwhile, the Detariyan kingdoms had learned from the first war and had managed to build up walls around their towns and castles to overlook their territories, whereas the militaries of Ethaya, used to having mages punch holes through walls, foundered when the promised firepower never materialized. What the Ethayans expected to be a fast war (like the previous time) turned out to be a series of protracted sieges that never got anywhere, as the Ethayans had only the crudest mundane siege equipment. The Detariyan kingdoms' navies destroyed the Alliance fleet, trapping them in a hostile continent and without any ability to resupply or reinforce. The guild mages and their Alliance armies surrendered in 321 BEA.

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