Notice: This is a community project. Feel free to sign up. Sometime in the early to middle 21st Century, humanity took a downturn. Whether it was environmental degradation, war, famine, disease, a natural disaster, or something else, in the course of approximately 125 years, the human population was a shadow of its former self, with world population approximately around 100 million. Modern society, so dependent on complex systems designed to sustain the populace quickly broke down, and most nation-states became history or shadows of their former selves. Most of humanity was reduced to an almost barbaric state, roaming the lands and warring with other bands over the remnants of once-glorious civilization.

Over time, however, life continued. Nature, having been pacified and retained for so long regained its vigor and soon forests stood where farms had once been, and deserts had retaken the irrigated fields. People lay huddled in small communities at the mercy of nature and the nomadic raiders that plagued parts of the world. Animals stalked the countrysides, haunting the dreams of young children. Old knowledge was forgotten, and society regressed to a Dark Age-type way of life.

Now it is 234 years since the dissolution of the United States, and the great Elrodian Generaldom in the ruins of North America has broken up amongst his sons and chaos reestablishes itself just after it has been defeated. Welcome to the Second Middle Ages.

Inspired by Dies the Fire by S.M. Stirling and the Atlas of Medieval America by Matthew White



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