The second ministry of Campbell Rhodes was sworn into office on August 27, 1997, and consisted of ministers from the United Islands Labour Party and the Democratic Party of the United Islands. The ministry saw several changes, listed below, but is considered to have ended on 14 February, 1999, when the Third Rhodes Ministry was sworn in. The second Rhodes ministry, like the first, was sworn into office by President Donald Davis.


Prime Minister: Campbell Rhodes (Lab)
Deputy Prime Minister, Foreign Affairs: Leonard Hand (Dem)
Treasurer: Michael Cherry (Lab)
Defence: John Lane (Lab)
Finance, Leader of the House of Commons: Jim King (Lab)
Attorney General: Charlotte LeBeau (Lab)
Arts & Communications: Andrea Perkins (Dem)
Industry, Trade & Commerce: Tom McGann (Lab)
Agriculture, Forestry & Fisheries: Tom Starling (Lab)
Education, Science and Youth Affairs, Deputy Leader of the Government in the Senate: Senator Sarah Atwater (Lab)
Employment & Industrial Relations: Senator Peter Brothers (Dem)
Health & Human Services: Rick Hancock (Lab)
Immigration & Ethnic Affairs: Dr. Keith Briggs (Lab)
Environment, Conservation & Resources: Joe Willis (Dem)
Social Security & Veterans Affairs: Boris Karapov (Lab)
Transport & Regional Services: Anthony McDonald (Lab)

Outer Ministry

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