A reasonable powerful Segment, it has a strong fleet and loyal men. Like many of the others, its people are nomadic, moving from one place to another. Occasionally they will attack ships, but only if they are carrying valuable resources. The Second Segment also possesses advanced solar resistance technology, allowing them to fly their ships very close to stars. It is on good terms with Concorus and some of the other Segments (except the violent Fourth and Sixth Segments). However, it dislikes Imperia based on its violence.


The inhabitants of the segment originally came from Insulus, a moderately wealthy country on Palaedonia. Although possibly the least advanced on the planet technologically, the scientists and politicians there were able to construct a single cargo ship to try and save as many people as possible, the SS Transporter.

Since arriving in space, the segment realised that the growing power of the other segments may eventually be potentially dangerous to them and their people. Under the order of their new leader, a woman named Selyta Pancorus, they began to construct a small fleet with which to defend themselves.

Battle came suprisingly quicly for the segment, and hit with devastating effects. The once - peaceful Sixth Segment had begun to see the advantage of conducting raids and were mimicking the activities of the Fourth. They launched a full attack of the Segment, with the target of destroying them completely. The battle came to be known as the Battle of Stellas Prime.

In short, the battle left the segment on the verge of collapse. The fleet that Pancorus had constucted was almost completely obliterated - but against such a collossal enemy, such a victory was still and incredible achievement. Once again, Pancorus began rebuilding the fleet - but this time, she anticipated an attack at any time, even from a fomer ally.

To try and counter any attacks, the order was given for a new ship to be constucted - a warship, the SS Guardian. Nothing like it had ever been used by the segment, who had believed that safety lied in numbers.

Since Stellas Prime, the Second Segment have never been attacked with such force or ferocity. It has conflicted with Duelliki forces on multiple occasions, but their opponents are never much of a threat. Despite several early failures, the segment has become a force to be reckoned with.


Cargo ships

  • SS Transporter
  • SS Carrier
  • SS Guide


  • SS Guardian (lead ship)
  • Guardian Fighters

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