Wessex Secret Service
Agency overview
Formed 1976
Headquarters WSS HQ, Cheltenham, Gloucestershire
Agency executives Time Vine
Dawn Howard
Parent agency Home Office, Ministry of Defence

The Wessex Secret Service (WSS), or the Wessex Intelligence Agency (WIS), is Wessex's single military intelligence, counter-intelligence and Secret Service. The service is headquartered in the Intelligence Service Headquarteres, Cheltenham, Gloucestershire. The Secret Service is under the jurisdiction of both the Home and Ministry of Defence of Wessex. Formed in 1976 under the Security Intelligence Act, it was created officially to 'Protect the people of Wessex from interior, and exterior threats', and to perform counter terrorism and counter-espionage operations in the nation. 

Since the end of the Cold War, the WSS's min priorities were reshuffled to Counter-Terrorism, namely the 2005 Bristol Attacks, which were foiled by the WSS.


The WSS, is led by the Chief of the WSS, and the Security and Intelligence Board, made up of Executive Members, the heads of each of the agencies report to the Chief and the Board. 


  • Interior Security Agency
  • Exterior Security Agency
  • Cyber Security Agency
  • Foreign Intelligence Commission
  • Counter-Terrorism Commission



2005 Attempted Attack on Bristol

In 2005, in conjunction with the London Bombings, the WSS managed to foil a larger plan for a similar attack on the Bristol Underground. This plan failed when Bristol Metropolitan Police apprehended a suspect before detonating his bomb. The Secret Service managed to foil two more planned detonations. However, one bomb managed to cause limited destruction to a Bus on Park Street, near the County Hall. Killing all onboard. This explosion marks the only terrorist attack on Wessen soil.

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