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Sect Persecution

In Ethaya the orthodox is the guild structure. Because of the guilds' jealousy over their secrets, the guilds have declared them heterodox (contrasted with the orthodoxy of the guilds) and have engaged in campaigns to crack down on them. One way they do this is by making out all sects as being morally depraved for stealing the guilds' secrets; the guilds have been largely successful with this in the guilded states, resulting in sects located in Ethaya being in poor repute. This makes it harder for sects to attract more members and more likely that others would report the presence of sects to the guild.

One of the roles of the Order of Holders is to crack down on these sects wherever they may be found. Holders generally have significant firepower and advanced magical technology compared to upstart guilds but are sorely lacking in versatility because they can only use precanned spells. Should they fail, the guild can call in the Order of Keepers to suppress them, and these latter have always been successful. By being constantly vigilant in hunting down new sects, the guilds ensure that none have the opportunity to grow into a power that might one day challenge the guilds.

Once the forces of the guilds defeat a sect, they generally kill the sect leaders to prevent any rebellion, and take the surviving members before a court where the magistrate or judge would sentence them to a life of indentured membership to a guild.

See also: Sect Wars

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