Security Alliance
Hebrew: בטחון ברית
Arabic: أمن التحالف
Hindi: सुरक्षा एलायंस
Mandarin: 安全聯盟
Security Alliance Flag
Security Alliance Logo
Administrative Centers.
Everett City, Everett
Tel-Aviv, Israel
Baghdad, Iraqistan
New Delhi, India
Taipei, Taiwan
Largest City. New York City, Union of Everett
Official languages English, Arabic, Hebrew, Hindi, Mandarin
 - Commissioner
Security Council - Kao Hua-chu
Formation: July 18, 2009
Affiliated Organizations: NATO

The Security Alliance is a military alliance of nations dedicated to cooperative operations in the global War on Terrorism. The current alliance was formed in summer of 2009 and consists of three member states, the Union of Everett, the Federal State of Israel, India, Taiwan and Iraqistan. Member states' leaders meet annually during general summits to discuss the War on Terrorism and other forms of terrorism and threats to freedom and Democracy. The Security Alliance also focuses on ways to maintain peace between Muslims and Jews in the Middle East and ensure a global peace between the Arab world and the rest of the West. Similar to other military alliances, member states who are attacked by a nation must be defended in active combat by the other members. High level military intelligence is also shared among member states, providing full military cooperation in global issues. Current member leaders are the Union of Everett's President, Kaitlyn Rachel Spencer, Israel's President Naomi Yasmin Ivry, Indian Prime Minister Manmohan Singh, Taiwanese President Ma Ying-jeou and Iraqistan's President Jalal Talabani.

Active Issues

  • Al Qaeda in Pakistan
  • Al Qaeda in Afghanistan
  • Al Shabaab in Somalia
    • Somalian Piracy
  • Al Qaeda in Yemen
  • Al Qaeda in Mali
  • ISIS in Iraqistan
  • Al Shabaab in Kenya
  • U.S. - Everett Aggression
    • U.S. Sponsored Terrorism
    • U.S. Chemical Warfare in Iraqistan
  • Ukraine Civil War (NATO vs Russia)
  • Boko Haram in Nigeria
  • Cartels in Mexico
  • North Korea Nuclear Weapon Program
  • Iran Nuclear Weapon Program
  • Saudi Arabia (funding/arming of terrorist groups)


  • Union of Everett
  • Federal State of Israel
  • United Republic of Iraqistan
  • Republic of India
  • Republic of China (Taiwan)

Affiliate Non-Members

  • Hellenic Republic (Greece)
  • Iceland
  • Republic of Cyprus


The Security Alliance has been the target of antisemitism by Neo-Nazi groups and radical Muslims, claiming Israel controls both Iraqistan, which is often referred to as a traitor country by the same Muslim radicals, and the Union of Everett, in a Jewish NWO conspiracy and that the goal of the alliance is to exterminate Muslims, while Neo Nazis make similar claims, stating a Jewish NWO conspiracy to control the world. Mahmoud Ahmadinejad, called the Security Alliance a West and Jewish conspiracy to take over the Middle East. He also called Iraqistan a traitor to Muslims for cooperating with the West and especially, with Israel and "the Jews". A Saudi Arabian prince called the alliance an anti-Muslim alliance controlled by women, referring to Presidents Spencer and Ivry, who wish to have control over men and make them go against the morals and laws of Islam, referring to Iraqistani President Talabani, who is a man.

Several counties have called out the alliance because of its secretive meetings and exclusivity, even when working along side its allied organizations such as NATO. Communist China's regime claimed the Security Alliance was spying and conducting espionage operations within China. This was never verified.

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