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Selenis is the medical guild. It is we known as the most amicable of the guilds. It wins over people to its side through saving their lives and the lives of their friends, and thus Selenis is actually in the weakest position of all the guilds in terms of military power, it doesn’t matter because few people want to get on the guild’s bad side. In past wars, sects have been annihilated because they upset the guild and some king whose life had been saved by the guild had taken it upon himself to punish the sect. The guild focuses primarily on bodily treatments, and is the only organization with anything resembling healing magic. It does not touch upon mental issues, leaving that to Psion. Selenis strongly disapproves of anyone modifying the human body or of any other life form (primarily Imit), raising up the natural as the ideal – and they see any disease as an infraction against what is natural. Associates of Selenis travel the world, learning more about diseases and administering treatment to people who cannot travel to a Selenis guild chapter house on their own, on a mission to save lives. Their guild chapter houses are the most popular of all the guilds’ , as people frequently arrive to seek treatment for their illnesses. The guild has the greatest influence in improving the appearance of spellcasters among the magic-illiterate commoners. They also receive the most contributions/donations from the populace, esp. from those whom they’ve helped in one way or another. Selenis also has some cosmetic-related spells. Selenis’ spells are significantly more advanced than that of modern-day (real-life) medicine and surgery.

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