Senate of the Southwest Republic
Coat of arms or logo
Lachlan Smythe, (C)
Since January 20, 2006
Majority Leader
Kenelm Wilkerson, (C)
Since January 20, 2006
Minority Leader
Oliver Horn, (L)
Since January 20, 2006
Seats 90
Structure of the Senate of the Southwest Republic
Political groups
     Conservative (53)
     Liberal (37)
Meeting place
Senate Assembly Building, Honeybee, Utah
The Senate of the Southwest Republic is the unicameral legislative branch of the government of the Southwest Republic. The Senate meets at the Senate Assembly Building in Honeybee, the capitol of the Southwest Republic. The entire body consists of ninety individuals elected from the ten states, to represent the interests of the people in the federal government. All members are chosen through direct elections to a six-year term and can run for reelection only ounce before becoming ineligible to run again.



Support Services

Priveliges and pay

Law-making process

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