Seogyeong Metropolitan Police Agency
서경 메트로 폴리탄 경호 기관
Seogyeong Meteulopollitan Gyeongho Gigwan
SMPA seal
MPA Seal
SMPA Headquarters
MPA Headquarters, Seogyeong
Law Enforcement Agency overview
Formed 1976
Preceding agencies Pyongyang Municipal Police
South Pyongan Provincial Police
Jurisdiction Seogyeong Prefecture, East Asian Federation
Headquarters National Police Agency Building, 1870 Dwight D. Eisenhower Avenue, Federation Center-guyok, Seogyeong
Employees 36,274
Agency executives Shoichiro Miyano, National Police Commissioner-General
Kim Jinsu, Metropolitan Police Commissioner-General
Parent agency National Police Agency
Child agency Regional Transport Safety Administration

The Seogyeong Metropolitan Police Agency (서경 메트로 폴리탄 경호 기관, Seogyeong Meteulopollitan Gyeongho Gigwan) serves as the police force for Seogyeong Prefecture in the East Asian Federation. Founded in 1976, it is headed by the Metropolitan Commissioner-General, who is appointed by the National Commissioner-General, with approval from the Board Representative for Seogyeong and the State Interior Officer.

The Metropolitan Police Agency is one of the largest urban police forces in the world, with more than 30,000 sworn officers, and more than 5,000 unsworn employees. There is one police officer for every 211 prefectural residents. The Police oversees 78 police stations, 642 staffed police kiosks, every Seogyeong Metropolitan Subway station, and the Police Integrated Defense Network Monitoring Center.

The central office of the Metropolitan Police Agency is located in the National Police Building, adjacent to Federation Center on Eisenhower Avenue in Federation Center-guyok, Seogyeong.


The Metropolitan Police Commissioner-General reports directly to the National Police Agency's Commissioner-General, and the Metropolitan Police Agency is seen as a sub-agency of the National Police. The Metropolitan Police Agency consists of the following bureaus:

  • Central Administration
  • Training and Officer Resources
  • Traffic
  • Public Transport
  • Community Relations-Public Affairs
  • Criminal Investigation
  • Local Safety
  • Anti-Crime
  • Special Operations

Each Police District (seventeen, one for each city district and suburban county) is lead by a Senior Superintendent, stationed at district headquarters. Each district headquarters further has a Superintendent responsible for operations for each Agency bureau that occur in that specific district.


Rank in English Abbreviation Code
Commissioner General Com. Gen. CG
Chief Superintendent General Ch. Supt. Gen S5
Senior Superintendent General Sen. Supt. Gen S4
Superintendent General Supt. Gen. S3
Senior Superintendent Sen. Supt. S2
Superintendent Supt. S1
Senior Inspector Sen. Ins. O5
Inspector Ins. O4
Assistant Inspector Ass. Ins. O3
Senior Policeman Sen. Pol. O2
Policeman Pol. O1
Junior Policeman Jun. Pol. T2
Officer Trainee Pol. Trn. T1

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