Seogyeong Metropolitan Subway
Locale Seogyeong, East Asian Federation
Transit type Rapid transit
Number of lines 10
Daily ridership 5.36 million (2011)
Began operation 1969
Operator(s) Seogyeong Metropolitan Transport Corporation
Track gauge 1,435 mm (4 ft 8 1⁄2 in)

The Seogyeong Metropolitan Subway or Seogyeong Metro is one of the world's busiest rapid transit systems, serving the East Asian capital Seogyeong. Over five million trips are taken on the Metro every day across its ten lines. The system serves the city of Seogyeong and surrounding suburbs in the prefecture, with express service between the international rail terminals, Seogyeong Station and New Seogyeong Station, and North Capital International Airport in Sunan. All platforms of the subway are fitted with platform screen doors for passenger safety.

Pathfinding signs in the Subway are written in English, Korean, Japanese, and Chinese. Automated announcements aboard trains indicating the next station, transfer opportunities, and door side, and passenger information announcements in stations are given in English and Korean.


The Seogyeong Metro has 213 stations on its 10 lines, and serve as the primary method of rail circulation in the inner core of the city. Service is complemented by metro-level frequencies on the Gyeongui and Seogyeong Lines, operated by Federation Rail in and around the city. They are key transportation corridors in the metropolitan area, and are marked as lines with transfers on all Seogyeong subway maps.

Plans for the Sunan Subway would see a single, above-ground line built in neighboring Sunan, connecting with the Airport Express line and operating under a common fare system.

Line Name Opened Stations Termini
1 Line 1 1969 20 Saemul - Taehak Highway
2 Line 2 1973 27 Mangyondae - Garden Town
3 Line 3 1975 16 Bada Media Centre - East Munsu
4 Line 4 1975 32 Jomyeong - Taedong River
5 Line 5 1978 28 Ryongsong - Chungsong Promenade
6 Line 6 1985 21 Hyoksin Square - Camp Syngman Rhee
7 Line 7 1990 21 Ansan - Konyu Island
8 Line 8 2000 18 Chilgol - Nexus Plaza
9 Airport Express 2000 9 North Capital International Airport - Seogyeong
10 Line 10 2005 21 South Chungsong - New Seogyeong

Through Service

As is common with rapid transit systems in East Asia, Lines 2 and 4 of the Metro operate through service on their connecting Federation Rail lines, the Sonam and Gyeongyui Lines respectively, which allows subway services to run deep into the suburbs

Line Name Through service via
2 Line 2 Sonam Line to Kangso
4 Line 4 Gyeongui Line to Kumchon and Sunchon


Most lines operate with a frequency of a few minutes. During rush periods, some lines can operate at a minimum interval of 90 seconds.

Fares for trips on regular lines (non-through) service is ¥250 for regular passengers and ¥125 for children, seniors, and the disabled. Daily, weekly, monthly, multiple-trip, student, and visitor passes can be purchased and used with NFC-enabled devices and FedPasses. Travel on through services adds an additional ¥50 per 5km of travel.

Travel on the Airport Express line, however, uses a different pricing system, with a minimum fare of ¥1000, and maximum ¥1500. There are no free transfers between the Airport Express and other lines operated as a part of the Seogyeong Metro, however, Federation Rail allows transfers to some Gyeongui Line trains for no additional charge.

Non-citizens without NFC-enabled devices may purchase a reusable smartcard ticket for a ¥500 deposit, which is refunded when the ticket is returned at any station.

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